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The future of energy?

Today, we consume a truly vast amount of energy – with demand continuing to skyrocket at an alarming rate. We know that producing this energy has significant environmental impacts and emitting…

400 Watt Grow Tent Setup

Welcome to my first grow video. In the following months I plan on documenting my first Medical Marijuana grow for personal use. The equipment (with the exception of the ionizer, thermometer,…

Medical Marijuana 2×4 Scrog Grow tent – Day 41 Flowering

Flower Tent Tent: 2’x4’x5′ Lighthouse Hydro tent Light: 600w HPS – with 4 24W CFL 6500k Reflector: Sun Sytems Yieldmaster II Ballast: Lumatek 600W Digital Intake: 4″ Hurricane with horticontrol…

LJY® E27 5W LED Plant Grow Red Blue LED Light for Flowering Plant, Hydroponics System and Vegetables, Energy Saving Spotlight for Garden Greenhouse

Power: 5W Voltage: AC 110-240V Fits into a standard E27 bulb socket. Package dimension: 6 * 6 * 11.4 cm Package Weight: 91g Bulb weight: 71g Using 100% 5W 45mil LED chip: (Note: there are so many kinds of LED grow lights in the marketplace, but most of them do not use real GROW LEDs [Read More...]

Geodrill 4R – Intelligent geothermal energy extraction

Geothermal energy is a cheap source of energy that is becoming more and more state of the art. In addition, new developments in drilling technology and heat extracting methods foster the widespread.


My buddy, who must not be named, has jumped to the level of genious In my book by bustin out the spice blender as a dro grinder…. awesome….

Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House

This week we visit Underhill, and incredible hobbit-home like, eco-cave house built into a hillside. The off-the-grid house is cleverly constructed to resemble a cave. With no electricity…

Organic Aquaponic Strawberries from

Straw Hat Farmer shares aquaponics strawberry tips from the Grow Dinner Aquaponics farm. In this video you will see how we grow Strawberries in the NFT system. Visit our…

Hydroelectric Power Plant

KZ-Petro KTL *Saniya/Leila.

Germany: Inventors create handheld hydroelectric power station

Representatives from the German shareholder company Aquakin presented the Blue Freedom handheld hydroelectric power station by a stream in Fuerth, Tuesday. —————————————-…

Turchi Photovoltaic / Solar Installation / Pile Driving / Post Driving

Demo video of the Turchi 300F 6.0 meter machines in the solar installation field. For more information see

How Does Solar Electric Photovoltaic Work?

Have you ever wondered how a solar electric photovoltaic system works? Here’s a quick introduction… Sunlight is made up of tiny packets of energy called Photons. Every minute, enough…

8100 Watt Solar Power System

070 Another Hybrid battery backup system. If you would like a quote for a solar system for your home or business let us know. Our systems take into account many…

How to build a portable 420 watt solar power generator (video 1 of 2)

This is video 1 of 2, “How To Build a 420 Watt Portable Solar Generator”. The first video outlines detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a portable solar powered generator. The…

How to Master Hybrid Meshing for Wind Turbines

As the demand for green energy increases, so does the amount of effort spent in the research and development of more efficient designs. Horizontal axis wind turbines have become one of the…

Minesto Tidal Energy dragon animation

I was inspired by the principle of Minestos tidal dragon and decide for me to make a small animation to show how it moves. The generator moves in a horizontal figure eight pattern. This is…

Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy.

Vertical Gardening Ideas – First Garden, New Gardener [Vertical Vegetable Gardening Ideas]

vertical vegetable gardening ideas – vertical gardening diy vertical garden vertical gardening ideas vertical garden potatoes growing time vertical garden kit strawberry gardening sustainable…

In That an Herb in Your Pocket? (vertical gardening)

Thinking outside the box was the theme of this presentation on vertical gardening by horticulturist and director of the Charleston Parks Conservancy Jim Martin. Watch as he gets creative. If…

FREE ENERGY Magnet Powered Case Fan/LED ~ CONFIRMED!

Learn exactly how it is done! Video includes a diagram/schematic, as well as a full explanation of how it works. You will have all the necessary information to be able to make your case fan…