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Grow Light Stand – DIY GardenFork

Make a DIY Light Stand to hold your grow lights out of scrap wood for seed starting and growing plants. Watch our how to make grow lights video here:…

Part 2 of 2 Garden Grow-Light Station – How to Manage Lighting and Watering: The Rusted Garden 2013

This is the second part of my series on How to Build a Collapsible Grow-Light Station for Under $40. This video talks about lighting, watering and positioning your seedlings under the lights….

How Solar Panels Work: Photovoltaic Cells + P-N Junctions

This video explains how solar panels work on an atomic level, in terms of electron movement, photovoltaic cells and p-n junctions. Learn how photons of light enable electrons to move through…

nanoHUB-U Thermal Energy at the Nanoscale L1.3: Lattice Structure – Lattice Vibrations and Phonons

Table of Contents: 00:09 Lecture 1.3: Lattice Vibrations and Phonons 00:40 Lattice Vibrations 02:30 Lattice Energy and Motion 06:53 Lattice Motion, cont’d 08:26 Lattice Motion, cont’d 12:16…

nanoHUB-U Thermal Energy at the Nanoscale L5.5: Carrier Scattering – Thermionic Electron Emission

Table of Contents: 00:09 Lecture 5.5: Thermionic Electron Emission 00:46 Electron Emission Processes 03:18 Types of Electron Emission 03:56 Current Density (electrical) 06:41 Pure Thermionic…

Homesteading, Living Off Grid And NEW STOMPING GROUNDS.

Out Scouting For More Logs In The Bush With My Snowmobile. In This Video I Find A Very Good Site And Video Me Cutting Down A Tree And The Load Of Logs I Haul Out.

Off Grid Living: FIRE on the Homstead!

Living off grid means unconventional ways of doing many things. so with lighter in hand my husband decided to clean up the homestead. So instead of just burning a pile of leaves..we can burn…

Allan Jones: Sydney’s Master Plan for 100% Renewable Energy by 2030

We caught up with the City of Sydney’s Chief Development Officer for Energy and Climate Change to learn about the city’s ambitious plan to cover all their power, heating, and cooling needs…

The Blue-Green Algae Interview with Mason Taylor and Tim McClew

In this Interview we delve deep into the benefits and uses of nature’s primordial superfood, Blue-Green Algae, with Tim McClew. Tim is the Australian distributor of E3Live (who produce the…

Qumi-Qumi, EP02 — Solar Energy

Juga is instructed to charge a solar sheep which gives light to his tribe at night. However, the General from Shumadan’s military tribe abducts the sheep for it to serve him. Juga has to…

Changing Lives with Solar Energy in Rural India

Simpa Networks brings light and fans to homes in rural India that are not connected to the energy grid. They use a “pay as you go” system to make solar energy affordable to the very poor. …

5 Gallon DWC Tutorial ($20, 4 minutes to build)

If you liked this video, check out part 2 on how to transplant a clone into the system!, or this video where I have full grown basil plants in this…

WaterSmart Farms: Hok Lam – Hydroponic truss tomatoes

This hydroponic farm is now capturing water run-off, filtering and reusing the water to produce top truss tomato crops. A WaterSmart Farms demonstration farm, the farm is using less town water…

Gold and Alternative Energy Sources

Brian Bloom is a former venture capitalist and author of Beyond Neanderthal. Bloom’s preoccupation with the unanswered offers readers an opportunity to tackle world issues, intriguing theories…

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources . . . . . . Alternative Energy – Wind, Solar, Hydro and other alt energy … Alternative energy sources are renewable and are thought to be “free”…

Windpower (High Power Extended Play)

Windpower High Power Extended Play Thomas Dolby ℗ 1982 Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company Released on: 1999-08-02 Producer: Thomas Dolby Composer: Thomas Dolby …

Construction of the Largest Wind Farm in Southeast Asia

150MW BURGOS WIND FARM EDC Wind Power Corporation A timelapse documentation prepared for Energy Development Corporation (EDC). However, this presentation represents the author’s own …

geothermal energy chem 2015

by Caroline, Shannon, Mackenzie, and Alysa.

Venting a Grow tent

This is a couple of videos taken while I made a cutout for a window so I can vent humidity and excess heat direclty outside… kinda like giving the tent a set of lungs so the plants can breathe….

How to build a hydroponic Grow Box or Grow Tent – Hydroponics on TV

Learn how to make a Grow box or Grow Tent with Hydroshow TV… This is our presenter challenge feature, Part 1 shows Pooja and Gemma go to their local grow stores to choose their grow room…